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Why should you pay Kevin Trudeau (free government money they don't want you to know about) or Matthew Lesko ( the question mark guy) money to find out what we already know? Their information may already be outdated by the time their books are printed and then you have to pay to join their website to get the latest information? Who are they kidding?

We, the posters here at AIDPAGE, believe FREE information should remain FREE! We know how tough things are, we not only want you to keep you money, but get the help you need for FREE!

We are constantly updating our pages to keep you current on  information, grants, entitlements, programs, and services available to you, the public. No, there are no expensive infomercials, no chauffeurs, no private planes, no big fancy houses. But we do have common sense and a LOT of information to share - for FREE! So, stop paying some stranger for outdated information, and get what you need, right here on AIDPAGE, for FREE

Here are just some of the free resources available to you: 


 a-z index of Government departments and agencies


$100 calculators for school? 



211 - find local resources 



311 for NYC 



americans with disabilities 



Angel Food Ministries 



assistance for sick pets



burial assistance 



can student loans be discharged? 



catalog of federal domestic assistance 



Catholic Charities 



community action partnership



consumer credit counseling 



credit counseling 



crime victims compensation 



education grants and loans 






fair housing act 



family medical leave act 






Find out what government benefits you qualify for 



food co-ops 



free attorneys 



free braces for children & adults 



free dental care 



free discount presciption card 



free divorce info 



free health care - courtesy of walgreens 



free medical care 






get a govt loan 



grantgate & federal money retriever



have you been fired because of your disability? 






health insurance assistance 






help for parents of disabled children 



holyfield foundation 



how rent is determined for subsidized housing 



HUD - rental & home buyer assistance



human services agency info & links 



is it a scam? - check here



is there a sex offender near you? 



medical co-pay assistance 



medical grants for children 



medication assistance 



medication assistance and free clinics 



military assistance 



modest needs 



money management 



NACA - home buying, foreclosure , rehab assistance 



national foundation for credit counseling 



odd job listings 



prosper - loans 



rare diseases and disorders



Red cross 



Salvation Army 



save college receipts for your taxes






SNAP - formerly food stamps



social security 



social services program manuals and  guidelines 



St Vincent De Paul



state benefit programs



stay up to date with govt benefits on twitter 



toys for tots 



United Way 



US dept of Labor + other links & information 



Ways to work - car loan/repair program






wish fulfillment 


  wish upon a hero   
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